At SISTexpert, our content marketing services makes your life easier by ensuring a quality, effective, and efficient content that is bound to convert the visitors of your website into your leads. In this article we will discuss about the content marketing services that we are offering. This might help you in choosing the right strategy to grow your online business. Creating the right content for the right audience for effective targeting is the main purpose of content marketing. But with so many options out there, it becomes very confusing for businesses to select the right content marketing agency that understands their business models, craft a content that represents the tone of their business, and makes sure that the content is successful in grabbing the attention of the targeted audience. Whether you have to convince you visitors to buy from you, or you have to explain your product to the world, a right content can give you the right result. However, just words, no matter how powerful, is meaningless if it is not spread to the masses. That’s where content marketing comes into play.

On-Page Content (homepage, landing page, information pages, content pages)

Your website is like the online identity of your business. Therefore, each word you chose for display in your website should be well-thought after. At SISTexpert, we understand this. Therefore, we create a content that defines your business, speaks in the language of your target audience, and compels them to take action.

Since landing page gives the first impression about your website, and thereby, your business, we make sure that this page is convenient for your visitors. This “lead capture page” is aimed at effectively managing your marketing and advertising campaign.

Your homepage is the one that practically introduces you to the world. The content here is crisp and gives an overview about your company and its functions as well as the contact information.

The information pages in your website gives a detailed explanation of your company, your business scope and your contact information. Therefore, we make sure to incorporate the eerie details in this section. The content pages are meant to further extend the information. The visitors that are interested will scroll through these pages in order to get clearer idea about you as well as the services that you offer.


eCommerce Content (products, categories, etc.)

The e-commerce content services are aimed at creating a convincing content for the sale of your product and services. We take care about the placement of product information, the image of the product, its specifications, the varieties available, and the policies associated with the buying, returning or exchanging. The focus here is on the ease of navigation by the visitors. We make sure that your products and their description are eye-catchy.

Blog & Article Content Creation

Since blogging plays an important role in ranking your website higher in the search engine results, we make sure that the relevant and frequent content is created for the purpose of blog and article.

eBooks & White Papers

eBooks and white papers are effective tools in your content marketing strategy. These help in enhancing your brand awareness. eBooks is used to give detailed insights on the area of expertise, boost the marketer’s reputation, generate leads. The white papers serve as informative literature for sales calls.

Infographics & Asset Design

Summarizing the entire content into a picture without losing its essence is the main purpose of infographics. Your audience is more drawn towards the visual representation of the content. Hence creating an aesthetic as well as informational infographics is one of the top priorities of content marketing strategy. Asset design gives an advantageous edge to your website as it depicts a clearer picture of the content underneath. Asset designs are aimed at higher engagement with the visitors of your website.

Video Production

Video production is an essential and integral part of content marketing, as it is interesting and convenient for your customers. A video content is one of the most effective tools in changing the behavior of your target audience over time.

Case Studies & Website Copy

Case studies are a great way to attract customers, as it breaks down your journey with your clients in achieving the desired results. This helps in convincing the new audience about the efficiency of your business, thereby helping you in increasing your customer base.

A website copy is like the gist of your website and narrates your visitors about your brand and your website. This is usually placed in your home page, about page, all products and services page, and all other top-level pages of your website.

Newsletters & Email Marketing

These mainly contains the news about your organization, your activities or any field of interest of your target audience in order to keep them engaged. They may include weekly digest of contents, quarterly organization activities, or simply promotional content of new products.

The content marketing strategy is incomplete without email marketing. This form of highly targeted marketing helps in retaining your customers as well as targeting the potential leads from your visitors

Press Releases

A well-written press release is an effective tool in content marketing as it boosts your public relations strategy. It is basically, a summarized announcement of your organization’s new product or any activities.

SEO Copywriting

The keyword-optimized content not only helps you in answering the most common queries of your targeted audience, but is also easily recognized by the search engines that award you with higher rankings for better visibility.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Content Marketing Agency
  • 1. Why is content marketing so important?
    Content marketing is a strategy through which you build relationship with your audience, keep them engaged, and ensure customer retention. Customers now expect a high quality, consistent content from their favorite brand. In addition to capturing the customer’s attention, a quality content aids in improving brand recall.
  • 2. Which company or agency should I choose for Content Marketing?
    Content marketing agencies have an important role in creating, publishing, and sharing content in the form of blogs, videos, gifs or an image to attract customers, keep them engaged, and enlarge the periphery of the business. Thus, it is very important to choose an agency that creates a suitable content for you by thoroughly analyzing your market as well as the scope of your product and services. SISTexpert is your trusted partner in developing a content that speaks lengths.
  • 3. Who determines what topics you will create content about?
    Your market is the major determinant of the content that you are required to create. Keywords that are relevant to your business and enables higher ranking can guide you with the content’s direction. Your sales and support staff as well as a quick look at forums like Quora, are important assets for understanding the market queries and designing a content that satiates the needs of your customers. In addition to that, you might gain insights on the content-in-demand by overlooking the history of your posts and analysing the performances of your blogs.
  • 4. What is the best form of content marketing?
    There are various forms of effective content marketing that ensures engagement of your customers. These include Infographics, checklists, white papers, GIFs and memes, social media posts, eBooks, case studies, and many more.
  • 5. How can the content that is created be used for my business?
    An effective content aims at convincing your customer to choose you, every time they have an option. This might sound simpler than it actually is. A great content should be able to define your goals and your audience’s persona, has a content segmentation grid which guides your customers at every stage of their buying process, a call-to-action option for better accessibility, and an editorial calendar in place that serves to be extremely useful for the visitors of your website.